Disney’s Beauty And The Beast Belle Snow Globes

Disney’s Beauty And The Beast Musical Snow Globe

beauty and the beast musical snow globe

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If you are into Beauty and the Beast and are a huge fanatic of Belle, or you simply love the latest movie and are a fan of snow globes you can find the newest Disney’s Beauty and the Beast snow-globe here. These snow globes are beautifully hand-painted to capture the touching romance between Belle and the Beast.

This amazing glass water globe with not only snow but glitter as Belle and the Beast romantically dance to the music from the movie. This particular piece is from the Bradford Exchange and is a limited edition globe, which is accompanied by a certificate showing that it is an original from the Bradford Exchange.

scripture on base beauty is found within Celebrate the alluring power of love with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast snow globe. Enjoy the elaborate sculpture, with an elegant script on the blue and gold base of this stunning globe that says “Beauty Is Found Within.”

With this globe all you do is gently shake it and with a simple turn of a key the glitter flows around the glass globe while you see both Belle and the Beast swirl to the music. It is definitely quite the fairy tale to anyone who loves romance and this movie. close up of belle and the beast

As you can see this is a magical piece of artwork put together to commemorate romance between these two characters. Each of these pictures captures again the inscription on the base and a close up of Belle and the Beast to the right.

This globe measures 4 inches wide by 6 inches high and really would look great in your home. This globe is also available in three easy installments as well. So if you really love what you see or know the ultimate fan to this movie please

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Disney’s Beauty And The Beast Rotating Musical Snow Globe

rotating musical beauty and the beast snow globe

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This next snow globe brings back a lot of memories and growing up as a kid with this animated style glass globe. Are you more of a fan of the older style Disney artwork then look no further I have the best ones here!

This Beauty and the Beast globe relives the magical message of Beauty within as well from The Bradford Exchange. This globes also has a certificate of authentication straight from the Bradford Exchange displaying that it is an original piece and it is also a limited edition.

As you can see Belle and Beast are center stage as they dance to the tunes of the film. As they dance in the middle of the globe the outside of this beautiful piece rotates showing off all the characters from the movie, you have Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts and all of Belle’s other beloved friends. Just imagine reliving the beautiful song to this affectionate film. It is very moving and passionate.

enchanted friends rotating musical snow globe Astonishing hand-painted piece captures the magical romance between these two characters from such a classic motion picture, this utmost collectible features figures that have been hand sculpted to perfection including the famous Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts and others.

The fully-sculpted Belle and the Beast figures are atop a base resembling the appearance of the Beast’s castle as glitter falls all around them.

rotating musical beauty and the beast snow globeThis snow globe measures 5.75 inches high and would look fantastic to any collection. If it makes it absolutely more easier for you this globe can be purchased within 3 easy installments as well instead of outright buying it, it is completely up to you and your preference.

If are are intrigued with what I have shown you then go ahead and check these gorgeous musical glass snow globes out today! All you have to do is click on the link below to order!

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Dept 56 Beauty And The Beast Belle Snow Globe

dept 56 belle snow globe

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If you are that big fan of Belle herself and want just a snow globe that is more economical then this may be the globe for you! This beautiful hand crafted gem is from the Dept. 56 store from Amazon and is absolutely stunning. Dept 56 is the ultimate place for any Disney related merchandise and brands. This particular piece is made of stone resin, metals, glass and full of liquid and snow as she dances to the song Beauty and the Beast, yes it definitely is a musical globe just like the others mentioned above.

This globe would make a great gift for anyone looking for something quite nice but yet simple, perhaps for the upcoming holiday season! She stands about 5.75 inches and high and is about 4 inches wide. Again, feel the romance in the air as Belle thinks about her Beast and swirls around to the music from the motion picture, it is a very sophisticated piece as she holds a candle in her hand. The base of the globe is very detailed and draped with a gold ribbon and roses, adds to a nice touch. So if you like this elegant snow globe go ahead and check it out!

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Disney’s Beauty And The Beast Figurine

Disney's beauty and the beast belle

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If you really like the snow globes and want to add a little more to your collection, there are a few really cool figurines as well. I personally love Beauty and the Beast and I am also a Disney fanatic ever since I was a child. These figurines are absolutely stunning, the one shown above is the newest figurine that the Bradford Exchange has came out with for this upcoming holiday season!

It is the latest Tale of Enchantment figure. Yes this gorgeous figurine is from both the Bradford Exchange and the Hamilton Collection and holds a certificate of authentication. It is also licensed by Disney and is a limited edition piece with only 95 casting days! This Belle figurine is absolutely breath-taking I have not seen anything like it with its timeless tale of true love, and her dazzling beauty!

beauty and the beast belle From Belle’s auburn hair to the decorative jewels on each ruffle on her yellow gown, there is no other sparkle than this princess herself. Her gown is enhanced with 15 precision-cut genuine Swarovski crystals and glitter. This figurine has been handcrafted and hand-painted by some of today’s most talented Disney artists.

As you can also see there are more details that meets the eye on this magical statute, she also has a  sculptural red rose tucked in by the hem of her gown which represents the Beast’s magic rose. With lots of realistic details, this Beauty and the Beast figurine perfectly shows off the adventures of her romance from the classic film.

As you can see from the pictures to the sides she is absolutely stunning in this close up, she is even wearing flowers in her hair and holding a mirror with her pals all around beauty and the beast belle figurineher.

She is also standing on a polished mirrored base that reflects her beauty from every angle and has Belle’s name etched into it by the bottom of her dress that gives this piece the perfect finishing touch.

Belle sparkles like the  fairy-tale fascination from head to toe! She measures around 7.5 inches high and would be nothing but the most beautiful collector item you could ask for! So if you love this gorgeous Beauty and the Beast Belle check it out now!

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Disney Traditions Beauty and the Beast Six Character Figurine 

beauty and the beast figurine

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Here is another great figurine that I have researched and also love from more of the classic era of the 1990’s when I was growing up! Oh this one brings back some fond memories! If you absolutely enjoy the older Disney films or can appreciate them and want to feel like a child again this one may be your better choice.

This beauty is from the “Tale As Old As Time’ collection by Jim Shore it is a very inspiring piece of artwork. This figurine displays Beauty and the Beast along with Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and Chip on top of what looks like a log or tree. All is hand painted and very nicely put together. 

dancing beauty and the beast As you can see in this close up picture to my left it captures the romance between the two famous characters as they dance with all the other characters in the original movie.

Disney’s Traditions Beauty and the Beast 7.75 inch figurine commemorates the classic story with amazing details. These figures are very high quality and can ensure you that it will last a long time in your home for many decades to come.

So the choices are endless and so many to choose from within the Bradford Exchange, Hamilton Collection and now Amazon. You have all of these right here at your fingertips to make abeauty and the beast choice from.

If you are interested in the classic style figurines or you are more into the one from the latest Emma Watson’s Beauty and the Beast, and you have enjoyed what I have shown you from the figurines and the snow globes, check them out and get them while you can. Just remember that most are limited edition!

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