Disney’s Frozen Snow Globes

Disney’s Frozen Elsa’s Ice Palace

Disney's FROZEN ice palace

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Are you or the little ones in your home the ultimate fans of one of the newest and popular films, Frozen? Do you love the joy and the magical love that is shared among the two sisters, their sweethearts and even a real snowman named Olaf? Well you are in the right place to find such an amazing Frozen sculpture!!

These precious characters represent the warmth to a classic film for generations to come! The enchantment that is captivated by The Frozen ice palace, is from the Bradford Exchange and is one of the first licensed straight from Disney with its own certification of authenticity. This sculpture will complete your home and will really bring that smile to you and your family in the blink of an eye!

Disney's frozen sculptureThis Frozen light up Musical sculpture is the best combination of lights and snow as the characters create the magic from the movie with a dazzling twist to the popular song “Let It Go,” it perfectly captures all the heart to this uplifting tale!

This particular Disney’s Frozen musical sculpture displays Elsa at the top of her ice palace as the others dance around her. It is a very remarkable piece that makes you feel like you are part of the scene! Such a great centerpiece for any place in your home!

As you can see in a close up picture this particular sculpture contains such detail, to Elsa and her blonde braided hair and her dress that sparkles in the snow right along with theSculpture of Disney's Frozen ice palace in the background. Below are her pals that are in a fully sculptural scene which features the heroic Kristoff, Sven, Olaf and her sister Anna getting ready to start their latest adventurous quest to bring Elsa back.

All of the characters are hand-cast and hand-painted to bring out that spectacular adventure to life! You can even flip one small switch and in just seconds your sculpture will come to life with illumination from 6 blue lights to the entire display as it plays the song “Let it go”!

Relive this amazing tale everyday and enjoy this beautifully put together sculpture that really takes you to a magical snowy place with the love between sisters and their pals! This piece is handsomely showcased on a beautiful looking base, that makes this an elegant addition.

Disney Frozen sculptureThis sculpture measures around 14 inches high and will look stunning for many decades to come! Hand painted with glitter on Elsa’s gown and snow. Lights up with 6 blue LED lights with auto shutoff.

Powered by 3 AAA batteries, not included. Hand-numbered and accompanied by a matching Certificate authenticating your sculpture is an original from The Hamilton Collection

So if you are happy with what you see and are interested in this sculpture, go ahead and click the link to order today! Also, it comes hassle-free with only 5 easy installments! So order yours now!!

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Lenox Classic Disney Elsa & Anna Musical Snow Globe 

frozen snow globe

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If you are a huge Disney’s Frozen fan or just love these two sister’s and want to find a non-expensive globe then you came to the right place! This gorgeous hand painted globe is from the Lenox Dept. store on Amazon and is absolutely dazzling. The Lenox Dept. store is one of the best places to shop for anything Disney related because it is licensed under Disney itself.

This water globe is made out of ivory porcelain and resin and has small pieces of snow-like objects floating around inside as Elsa and Anna walk together through the wintry wonderland. It is also accented with platinum and crystals as you see at the base with the beautifully displayed snowflakes!

This Snow Globe would make anyone’s special gift that is yet very beautifully put together but also on a bargain, maybe this globe would make all the difference in this upcoming holiday season! Elsa and Anna stand about 5.25 inches and high and also did I mention this globe plays the song “Let it Go.”

Again, definitely a perfect piece and a magical moment to anyone who would love to have this in their home as a musical treat. So if you are interested in this stunning snow globe please go ahead and check it out!

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Disney’s Ultimate FROZEN Sculpture

Disney's frozen figurine

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If you enjoy the Snow Globes and want to get more out of your finest collection of collectibles then I have some really magical figurines as well here for you. So are you the ultimate fan Frozen and the Snow Queen Elsa herself? Or do you just adore that cute little snowman named Olaf? Then just like the fantastic Snow Globes these sculptures are quite the stunning pieces I have seen so far.

As you have encountered with the touch of Elsa’s hand, she turns everything into ice! Now,  you can experience this Disney’s biggest popular family film, “Frozen,”in a different way as it is brought to life with the Ultimate Disney Frozen Sculpture! This Disney Frozen sculpture is also from the  Hamilton Collection and is a first-ever limited edition piece with only 95 casting days!

frozen elsa and anna figurine With gorgeous details, you can see in the close up picture, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are amazingly hand-painted in resin to perfection, just like in the movie. Covered in tons of intricate details, this figurine beautifully captures these characters’ personalities in the most elegant ways.

Both of the sisters Elsa and Anna are displayed in a stunning three dimensions form and are accompanied by their favorite pals from the classic film which are Kristoff and his devoted reindeer Sven and also the famous talking snowman Olaf!

As you can see, none of the details have gone unnoticed, you will be so amazed by the works of Elsa’s “icy” getup to Princess Anna’s elegant braids, and also Kristoff’s sculpted “fur-trimmed” coat frozen elsa and pals figurine and Sven’s real metal-look antlers. Nothing about this piece will not do anything but warm your heart, even the way Olaf’s carrot nose is placed and his silly smile will absolutely melt your heart.

This figurine also has so many sparkles it gives it that feel as if it had just snowed out! Stunning, as Elsa can be her braid is made up of Swarovski crystals along with her dress and the snowflake base that shimmer in any light! It really makes this piece of art come to life!

This enchanting Disney Frozen figure stands more than 9 inches tall and comes with a collector’s card that tells you all about the famous artist Michael Giaimo and his artistry. If you are interested in this beautiful sculpture you can also get it in 5 easy installments as well if it makes it easier for you! Go ahead and click on the link to order!

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Disney Frozen Olaf’s Personal Snow Flurries Figurine

Disney frozen Elsa and Olaf

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Here is yet again another breath-taking figurine that I have found though all of the Frozen collections. This specific sculpture is absolutely gorgeous and we remember seeing the endearing scene in Disney’s classic movie Frozen when Olaf started to melt as Elsa warmed the kingdom to get rid of all the snow.  This beauty steals away your attention when she creates a personal flurry of snow just for him!

Disney's Elsa figurine Every detail is very delicate and brings a very magical touch to this piece. From Elsa’s adoring smile and crystal sparkling dress, it is accentuated, with dazzling Swarovski crystals with glitter, to Olaf’s shocking expression and the swirl of flurries around him. This figurine is from the Bradford Exchange and Hamilton Collection with its own certificate of authenticity and is licence by Disney with only 95 casting days as a limited edition item!

This magical Frozen collectible was inspired by original Disney artistry,  with intricate details and  hand-painted by master artist to discover every heart warming detail toDisney Elsa and Olaf figurine this enchanting moment. With an outstretched arm and her finger pointed directly down at Olaf, Elsa works her magic to create that swirl of magical snow flurries to keep Olaf from melting away!

Quite the most sweetest and most adorable piece to have in any home! The sculpture will definitely make you want to put a smile on your face and will be joy to all of your family and friends for years to come!

This figurine measures 7.5 inches high and would look stunning to any Frozen collection. Also if it makes it easier for you this figure can be purchased within 3 easy installments as well instead of the option of just buying all at once, it is definitely up to you and what you want to do!

So if you are interested in brightening your home with such a delightful piece then go ahead and check out this one today! Just go and click the link below and order yours today!

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