Disney’s Snow White Snow Globes And Figurines

Disney’s Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Musical Snow Globe

snow white and the seven dwarfs snow globe

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Are you a huge fan of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? Do you enjoy the magical feeling of being a kid again and reminiscing of the 90’s classic films with Snow White and her pals? Well we have the newest and most beautiful Snow White and the Seven Dwarf snow globes here! Thinking back to the memories of the time when Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs first appeared on the big screen was in 1937, which was the world’s first full-length animated movie. Bringing this globe home you will feel the enchanting power of this young lady preferring the good over evil.

snow white musical snow globe This Snow White Musical glitter globe is a magical celebration of friendship with the Dwarfs and her romance with Prince Ferdinand. These beautiful snow globes are handcrafted glass water globes which contains Snow White and her Prince striking a dance pose in glitter swirling around them with just a simple shake. This particular globe is from the Bradford Exchange and is a limited edition piece that is accompanied by a certificate of authentication from the Bradford Exchange.

As you can see to the picture to the left it shows off a beautiful up close look of Snow White and her prince. In such an intimate setting they gaze into each others eyes and are filled with all the romance in the world. The base of this wonderful globe can be turned on by simply a flip of a switch, all you will hear is the music from the movie. The seven dwarfs are hand crafted to perfection including, Happy, Sneezy, Dopey, Bashful, Doc, Grumpy and Sleepy. You will be amazed at how they spin around this gorgeoussnow white musical snow globe Bavarian inspired base that almost looks like it has a wooden platform, as you can see is pictured to the right in a close up view. Very nicely detailed.

Celebrating the best of this gorgeous snow globe it is a really an enchanting artwork showing off the romances of Snow White and her prince while her seven dwarfs dance around below them. This globe measures about a good 5.5 inches high and will look stunning in any home to give you that warm loving vibe for many years to come! So if you are interested in this globe, it is also hassle-free and you can get this globe in 3 easy installments! So go ahead and click the link to order today! It’s guaranteed to captivate anyone’s spirit with this type of collectible from Disney!

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Department 56 Snow White Snow Globe

snow white snow globe

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Are you a big fan of  Snow White and wanted to be a princess like her when you were a child? Or you just simply want a less pricier snow globe then this might be a better option for you! This gorgeous hand-painted piece of art work is from the Dept. 56 store from Amazon and has a lot of intricate details. The Dept 56 store from Amazon is where you can buy the best Disney  merchandise on the web.

This Snow White snow globe is made out of stone resin, metals, the glass part is filled with the liquid and glitter particles as she glides along the floor with a bird in her hand. The base of this globe has a predominant apple on the center of the front with gold details around it and vines with leaves hand painted on each side. Gorgeous display of characteristics on this very elegant snow globe.

This snow globe would make the perfect gift for anyone sticking to a budget for the upcoming holiday shopping season. Snow White measures just about 5.75 inches tall. So if you are interesting in something that will give your home some elegance to it and it an economical piece to have then go ahead and check it out!

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Disney Traditions Wood Carved Snow White Figurine

snow white wooden figurine

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If you really enjoyed the snow globes that we have to offer, you may find that these Snow White figurines might bring more personality to the collection! I remember watching Snow White and thesnow white and the seven dwarfs figurine seven dwarfs for the first time back in the early 1990’s as a child and oh the mystery of the poisonous apple brought to the big screen. These figurines that I have come across are very vintage style looking but yet very captivating.

As for the Snow White I remember from the 90’s as a child, this motion picture originally came out in 1937 which was a German fairy-tale popular in the western world. If you can recall the original was very classic and that is when all seven dwarfs received their names. Take it to today’s latest Snow White film she is absolutely stunning and came a long way throughout the age of Disney with the death-like sleep to be broken from her prince!

snow white and the seven dwarfs figurine As you can see, you will fall in love with this figurine from Snow White’s dress, to her dwarf pals and even the hag from the wicked tale, this piece is handcrafted and hand painted with stone resin that will guarantee this figurine will be a part of your home for many decades to come. The rural-look of this log-like artwork presents all the characters from 1937 masterpiece of Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs very well. Featuring the bunch, Dopey, Sneezy, Bashful, Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy, Doc, Snow White, and the Evil Queen in exquisite details.

Any Disney collection isn’t complete without having a piece that started it all! This piece is from Traditions by Jim Shore and there isn’t anything like it. Definitely unique in style and magically captivates all the characters in a wooden piece from one of the oldest Disney classics you can not go wrong with adding this one to you home. Disney’s Traditions Snow White figurine is 8.5 inches high and commemorates such a beautiful tale.

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Disney’s Snow White 80th Anniversary Figurine

snow white anniversary figurine

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Here is another gorgeous figurine that I have came across for the Snow White collection. This particular figurine is absolutely stunning and we remember how this story has come about all the way back from 1937 and on, oh what a classic! This beauty catches your attention from her wavy styled midnight black hair and the red bow that she sports as a headband that also matches her lips! Every detail is very delicate and brings a very elegant touch. Commemorate the 80th Anniversary of this classic film with this Hamilton Collection, Snow White figurine that is a first time licensed from Disney, it is also a premiere issue in the Treasured Reflections Figurine Collection.

snow white 80th anniversary figurine Beautifully hand painted and sculptured by a famous artist, this Disney collectible figurine displays Snow White with a red apple in her hand made out of a gem. Snow White’s lovely dress is embellished with 15 Swarovski crystals. Outstanding piece from every stance, this brilliant Snow White figurine honors Disney’s very first animated feature in absolute style! Also, Snow White poses with such elegance as she stands on a breath taking mirrored base and magically showcases a full-color artwork of her pals the Seven Dwarfs going behind her dress.

As you can see yet again from the picture to the left you get a close up of this stunning princess and the gem-like apple she is holding, based on the film of the tempting snow white 80th anniversary poisonous apple she bites into from the Evil Queen, only her prince can be the one to break that spell! In the other picture you can see a close up of these fantastic hand painted seven dwarfs in exquisite detail with that mirrored effect. Snow White stands 7.5 inches high and bring sophistication and sparkle to your home, so if you would love to add this statuette to your life you can also get this beauty in only 3 installments if it makes it easier for you!  So go ahead and check out this gorgeous figurine today all you have to do is click on the link to order!

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