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Disney Villains Musical Snow Globe

Disney villains musical snow globe!
Click here and see this beautiful Disney musical snow globe today!

If you like the Disney villains, then you’ll love this cool Disney musical villains snow globe! It has some of the most popular Disney villains of the best Disney movies.

In the center is a big snow globe, with the magic mirror inside it. The face that appears in the mirror is there, with a scroll that answers your questions with three answers; Yes, No or not sure.

You can switch on a button on this Disney Villains Musical Snow Globe and the snow glitter starts swirling around inside the globe so you don’t have to shake it. It plays the musical song “Grim Grinning Ghosts”.
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Disney’s Winnie the Pooh and Pals Snow Globes

Best Disney snow globes inside!

Click here for Winnie The Pooh and friends snow globes!

One of the all time favorite Disney characters is Winnie the Pooh and his pals! You may have grew up reading many of the story books or seeing the movies. Maybe you are still a fan or even your kids are Winnie the Pooh lovers today.

Many times you can find Winnie the pooh with his pals Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore and don’t forgot his pot of honey!! These snow globes I have searched for are definitely the best that display Winnie the Pooh and friends.

Do you know that ultimate Winnie the Pooh fan? Or a fan of some of his pals? This site will have the newest Winnie the Pooh Snow Globes that create a feeling of being a kid again. Just imagine spinning and jumping around to the many adventures of Winnie the Pooh!

These Snow Globes will bring that warm smile to any child’s face and they will be wanting more. Winnie the Pooh Snow Globes are also very popular gifts for both girls and boys.

Disney Traditions by Jim Shore Winnie the Pooh snow globes are prized as this famous artist is well know for his many works of Disney character art. In fact over time these become quite valuable.

You can find Disney’s Winnie the Pooh holiday snow globes, celebrating Christmas, Easter, Halloween and many other popular holidays. You can even find the seasons of the year in a snow globe, isn’t that magical?

So if your a Winnie the Pooh fan, or know someone who is. Please make sure you complete the collection with a great Winnie the Pooh snow globe and click the link above and see them all today! Happy Shopping!!! ūüôā

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Welcome to the New Disney snowglobes!

Best Disney snow globes inside!Best Disney snow globes inside!

Click here to see all the beautiful Disney snow globes you can buy now!

Welcome to the New Disney Snow Globes site, where you can find all your favorite Walt Disney World snow globes. Choose from your favorite Disney characters like Tinkerbell snow globes, Minnie Mouse snow globes, princess snow Globes and of course Mickey Mouse snow globes.

Walt Disney World snow globes are collected by many and some have very high re-sale value. There are basically two types, high quality ones made for collecting and displaying in your home.

The other type is for kids, made of plastic often and not really a collectors item. You can find Disney birthday snow globes with ages on them for kids birthdays for example.

You can find Disney snow globe jewelry boxes too. There are many beautiful jewelry boxes, both for men and women, with a Disney character snow globe on top. Some are simple boxes while others are elaborate with many pockets and drawers made of wood or leather.

Then of course there are the Disney musical snow globes. Often these music snowglobes have moving parts with Disney characters that spin around or the snow globe itself rotates.

You can find just about every Disney character that has a musical Disney snow globe. Tinkerbell, Snow White, Cinderella, Mickey Mouse and many more all can be found in a musical one.

You also can find many Disney snow globes that have several different snow globes together, not just one. Like different Disney Princesses in their own globe, or different fairies in each globe with Tinkerbell.

Let’s not forget the commemorative yearly Disney snow globes. These have the year they are made on them, often with Mickey Mouse. Special Disney events also can be found in snow globes, like a special year for Epcot or the Magic Kingdom.

You can find the newest ones as well as some rare Disney snowglobes here also. I will try to update this site often with the most latest Disney snow globes to be found. So browse around and check it out! ūüôā

Best Disney snow globes inside!Best Disney snow globes inside!

Click here to see all the beautiful Disney snow globes you can buy now!

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Disney Peter Pan snow globes

Peter Pan snow globes inside!

See all the Peter Pan snow globes inside now!

If you are a fan of Peter Pan, you can find lots of cool Peter Pan snow globes to choose from. Not only Peter but great ones with Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, Wendy and the two boys and lots more.

There are some pretty detailed ones too, like a snowglobe on a pirate ship, a whole landscape of never-never land, several snow globes with all the characters in it and so on.

Some of the old Peter Pan snow globes are worth a lot of money and are great collectors items. In fact Peter Pan collectables are one of the best types of Disney character items to increase in value.

Disney musical Peter Pan snow globes are a big hit with fans and often have moving parts that move to the music. These types of snow globes are popular and you can always find a few new ones out there.

You can find plenty of Disney Captain Hook snow globes also, along with his sidekick Smee. Cute pirate ships with a snow globe in the center of the ship is popular, plus many other detailed Captain Hook globes.

A Giuseppe Armani Peter Pan snow globe can be worth a lot of money down the road. This artist is famous for his many Disney character figurines and snow globe art. A Giuseppe Armani Peter Pan snow globe is one you want to hold onto.

Ones by Lenox and Disney traditions are also very popular and they often come out as sets or limited editions. Peter Pan jewelry box snow globes are yet another big hit with Disney fans.

Peter Pan snowglobes make great gifts and the high quality ones increase in value over time. They make great collectors items, so see all the Peter Pan snow globes inside and find the one you love!

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Disney’s Mickey And Friends Musical Snow-Globe

disney mickey and friends musical snow globe

 Click here to see the newest Mickey Mouse musical snow globe now!!  

Disney’s Snow-Globes and Figurines are the most recent and popular pieces I have seen on the web and get a lot of attention from many people who are into collectibles. These are definitely some of the best out there you will see! So are you a Disney fan? Do you simply want to start up a new collection this holiday season? Well we have anything here just like the snow globe pictured above you will see all the characters From Mickey and Minnie to Winnie the Pooh, Bambi, Snow White and so much more!

mickey mouse and friends snow globe All of Disney’s classic characters have captured many hearts and the true meaning of a magical holiday experience. This Mickey Mouse Snow Globe really expresses the magical moments of the Christmas season. This beautiful musical snow globe is¬† a very special holiday collectible that is only from The Bradford Exchange.

This beauty is a limited edition item and comes with its own certification of authenticity straight from Disney itself! Such an amazing piece you will have everyone in the holiday spirit in the blink of an eye as this globe plays 8 holiday songs including “Deck the Halls” and “Jingle Bells.”

Celebrate the holidays this year by adding this well put together snow globe to your home and watch it create so much life to it this season! With 13 hand painted fully dimensional Disney's mickey and friends snow globe handcrafted characters beginning from 1966 or earlier on snow blanketed platforms you see Mickey and Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, Tinker Bell and more sharing such joy of the enchanted winter season.

At one touch on the switch, not only does this astonishing globe play those holiday melodies but it also lights up the Christmas tree, lanterns and lights from the castle as snow begins to swirl through the town. What an amazing sight!

Disney Mickey Mouse Snow Globe This Snow Globe would absolutely make anyone’s greatest gift this holiday season! Mickey and friends stand around 6.75 inches high and is displayed on a nicely wood-like mahogany finished base with golden title plaque that says An Old Fashioned Disney Christmas to give it that final elegant touch.

So if you are interested in this lovely snow globe there are only 120 casting days as this is a limited edition piece! This globe is in high demand and won’t last long! Go ahead and click on the link at the bottom to order, you can even purchase this in 3 easy installments if that makes your shopping easier!!


Click here to order your Mickey Mouse Musical Snow Globe today!!  

Disney Forever In Love Personalized Musical Globe

Disney Mickey and Minnie Globe  

Click here to see the latest Mickey and Minnie Personalize Globe today!!  

Here is another great Mickey and Minnie Mouse glitter globe full of love and romance. If you are looking for more of a romantic twist between these two characters this may bring more joy to your collection. Definitely another beautiful piece, with the amount of endless love, and all of the passion in their kisses and hugs, Mickey and Minnie Mouse delivers that warmth of love. Bring sweet loving romance into your home with this Disney musical glitter globe, which is from The Bradford Exchange.

This globe is licensed by Disney, through The Bradford Exchange and has a certificate of authenticity. To make this as even more¬† joyous holiday season, this can be the best gift for that special couple in your life by being able to¬†personalize it with 2 names! It can’t be any better than that!

Disney mickey and Minnie mouse globe Celebrate with this globe the sweetest two lovebirds in Disney that you will cherish forever with this handcrafted, the Disney Forever in Love Personalized Glitter Globe. This globe is a mastered hand-painted Mickey and Minnie Mouse that have full of details just like them smooching inside this magical globe, as you notice hearts and lips that appear to be the glitter fall all around them! This particular globe has a porcelain style base and has a heart shaped frame in the center where it says the sentiment saying “Forever in Love” on it, it is also where you would personalize it with a special duos names on it!

This particular globe also has an amazing feature that as you turn a switch, this Disney musical globe plays a beautiful song that is called”Always in My Heart.” This glitter mickey and minnie personalized glitter globe globe would make the perfect gift for anyone who is a newly wed or madly in love this holiday season. This Mickey and Minnie Mouse glitter globe stands about 5 inches tall. So if you are interested in this limited edition piece there are only 295 casting days! So order yours today the option is yours to buy it or to purchase it with 3 installments if it is convenient for your shopping experience this year, we make it that easy!

Click here to order your Forever in Love Mickey Mouse Globe today!!   

Disney Timeless Magic Wall Clock

mickey mouse and friends clock

 Click here to see this beautiful Mickey and Friends clock today!! 

Here’s another great piece, now this one is a little different it isn’t exactly a figurine or snow-globe but if you like those I am more than certain you will enjoy this! This is a lovely Mickey and friends clock with around 43 different characters. It has so many unforgettable characters from all of your favorite Disney classic stories, all of which are quite timeless and magical. Celebrate every hour with all of these characters by ringing¬†every memory to life with this Disney Timeless Clock, which is a first time piece from the Bradford Exchange. It is also accompanied with a certificate of authenticity by Disney as well.

mickey and friends clock ¬†As you can see this magical wall clock is perfectly handcrafted by the best artist known to Disney and is hand-painted with such intricate details. All around fully dimensional, it captures every enchanting moment from all of your favorite movies all in one with all the amazing lights, music and motion.¬†As the castle is filled with the most beautiful light, this clock plays a song¬† called “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” while the second part of the clock rotates and puts the characters into a dancing motion. Pretty cool to watch as the hours change all day long!

Disney’s decorative wall clock has many details that include a colorful turrets and flags with golden roofs that creates the tapestry for all of the 43 characters.mickey and friends clock ¬†The best part of the clock is that all¬†the castle’s windows light up, which gives it a nice warm gentle glow that fills your home with so much joy. As you can see the clock’s face has the traditional Roman numerals for the time and it also has pine-cone like weights hanging from the bottom of the clock.

This Mickey and Friends Timeless clock measures around 20 inches high and will look stunning in any room of your house! So If you’re the ultimate Disney fanatic, the choice is yours, so go ahead and get your Timeless Magical clock today! Again, it is a limited edition piece with only 295 casting days, order now and you can have the option to buy yours in 6 easy installments!

Click here to order your Disney Timeless Magic Wall Clock now!! 

Mickey’s Stockings Were Hung Personalized Sculpture

mickey's personalized stockings were hung sculpture

Click here to see this Mickey’s personalized stockings were hung sculpture now!!¬†

As many of the figures and snow globes that I have personally seen this one is another great figurine for this year’s upcoming holiday season. I believe there is absolutely no one better way to celebrate this warm winter season with no other than Mickey Mouse himself! So hang up your stockings and wait for Santa with this stunning piece and enjoy the one who has made his yearly appearance this Christmas morning!

It would be a great surprise to have a jolly, merry Mickey Mouse Santa looking at you and filling up all those holiday treats on such a magical morning. Having¬†Mickey Mouse bringing that spirit to your home this holiday season would be definitely delightful with this Disney’s “The Stockings Were Hung,” Personalized sculpture straight from The Bradford Exchange and licensed by Disney.

Mickey's The Stockings were Hung figurineBecome in the festive mood with this remarkable “The Stockings Were Hung” figurine and you can not go wrong with being able to light up everyone’s face with holiday joy! This beautiful piece is¬†fully sculpted, and hand painted with lots of intricate and delicate details, from Mickey Mouse’s Santa hat to his sack full of gifts to the holiday warmth and joy expression on Pluto’s happy face.

There is nothing like having this the centerpiece of your decor in any place of your home! This personalized musical figurine also includes up to 6 stockings that can  be personalized with any of your special loved ones names you wish to share. This would truly start the best holiday tradition for many generations to come.

As you can see there is a beautiful¬† Disney “family portrait” that also includes a few of your favorite Disney characters in a small picture frame on the top of the mantle of the Mickey's The Stockings were Hung figurine fireplace, in the same place you can “hang” your personalized stockings this year!¬† Shown on each stocking is the scripture with each of your family members names.

To give it a more holiday charm this piece also has one button that makes this figure come more to life and it makes the family picture and fire glow as you will hear 8 different holiday songs in play! This figurine is a limited edition piece and only has 120 casting days so be sure to get yours today, you can also order in 4 easy installments!

Click here to order The Stockings Were Hung sculpture today!! 

The Ultimate Disney 50 Character Christmas Tree

Disney's 50 character tabletop Christmas tree

Click here to see this magical Disney 50 character tabletop tree now!!  

Disney is definitely the best place to get your famous character collectibles! Here we have not only the snow-globes and figurines like you have seen but we also have home decor like the clock mentioned above on this page or just like this lovely 50-character Disney Christmas tree! Not only can this particular collectible sit on your tabletop it will bring joy and holiday spirit to your home this holiday season.

All your favorite characters from any of your all time stories and classic films are all on one tree from Mickey and Minnie Mouse to Pooh Bear and Tigger, to the princesses and much more! There is nothing like the gift of all these characters over the course of the years with all their warm love and imagination brings you back to being a child again for sure!

Disney's 50 character tabletop Christmas tree

Commemorate with this stunning table-top Disney 50-character Christmas tree with 10 unique holiday scenes which brings together all your ultimate favorites from Mickey and Minnie, Donald Duck, Snow White, Pluto, Pinocchio, Winnie the Pooh, and much more bringing such a magical experience from our family to yours.

This beautiful tree measures around 16″ high and of course decorated with your 50 hand-painted Disney characters, this gorgeous tree celebrates the entire world of Disney and is from Hawthorne Village through the Bradford Exchange and is officially licensed by Disney.

This Disney Ultimate character tree also has 4 separate¬†levels that rotate around on this beauty, as the Disney express seems to go higher and higher up on the tree, it also Disney's 50 character Christmas tree lights up with 20 LED lights. As you can see atop the tree is Pluto as Rudolph pulling with all the other reindeer the sleigh with Mickey Mouse around Cinderella’s castle.

Such a magical sight! While Pluto and Mickey go around and around the top of the tree in an enchanting touch, the Christmas tree plays a bunch of carols to make this holiday season full of cheer and joy, all around completes the holiday experience! This item is a limited edition piece so if you are interested order yours now! You can even get it in 5 easy installments, the choice is up to you!

Click here to order your Ultimate Disney 50-character tree today!!