Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas Snow Globes

Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas Rotating Musical Glitter Snow Globe

Nightmare before Christmas Snow Globe

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Are you into the spooky things in life? Or are you a fan of Halloween? Or you are a big time fan of anything Tim Burton or Nightmare Before Christmas? Do you love snow globes and the magic it brings to your home? These glitter snow globes are hand cast and hand painted to perfection and captivate all your favorite spooky characters to the eye with just a flip of the switch!

You can celebrate Halloween with this Nightmare Before Christmas globe from the Bradford Exchange.  It is a limited edition piece and is accompanied by a certification of authentication showing that it is an original from the Bradford Exchange.

jack and sally nightmare before Christmas snow globe  This globe of Jack Skellington also features the love of his world, Sally while they continue to confess their love for one another as the glittery bats swirl around them. You will also see their buddy zero peeking his head down while he watches from above them.

The base of this stunning globe features all of the characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas, including The Mayor, Oogie Boogie, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, Dr. Finklestein, and Behemoth. Many fans will absolutely love the look of this piece and be wanting more!

As you can see from the picture to the left it shows off Jack and Sally and their romance for one another in a spooky twist. The base of this Nightmare Before Christmasnightmare before Christmas snow globe snow globe even rotates as they hold each other, making the look of this globe seem like the characters are going around.

Since this is also a musical globe it plays the song from the film called”Overture” as they swirl around the globe. The picture featured on the right shows a close up of all of the beloved characters and all the details! You will absolutely love this piece of artwork it is truly stunning!

Looking at this gorgeous snow globe it is a really enchanting piece put well together to celebrate the mysterious and eerie romantic bond between Jack and Sally. Both of these pictures are again displaying all of the characteristics to this piece are very intricate and you can not pass this one up!

This globe measures right around 6.5 inches high and will look absolutely outstanding as a decoration and beyond that in your home for decades to come! This globe is also available in 3 installments if that make it trouble-free for you as well. So if you are really interested, all you have to do is click the link to order today!

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Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas Light Up And Musical Snow Globe

nightmare before Christmas musical snow globe

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This next Snow Globe is a classic piece. If you are into Halloween as much as I am then you will absolutely love it! This is the first Nightmare Before Christmas snow globe that actually lights up  from The Bradford Exchange! It is a limited edition piece and also has a certificate of authentication as well directly from the Bradford Exchange that shows that it absolutely is an original. A hand painted and hand crafted piece of artwork jam packed with tons of spooky and frightful details, that features all these lights, music and motion that brings these characters to life from the movies, how can you go wrong?

jack and sally romance snow globe As you can see this globe shows off an impressive display of a life-like sculpted setting that features Jack Skellington and his romantic partner Sally in the middle. It also shows all of their pals from the film, you will come across Jack’s happy spirited pup Zero and the angry looking Oogie Boogie. All these details showcases the intricate design of Jack’s crooked house on the famous crooked hill, which illuminates from inside, which personally is a really cool characteristic to this musical snow globe. The globe also has a magical touch of an iconic image of Jack himself on Spiral Hill as the moon glows at the touch of a switch! How amazing it that?

For such an incredible hand sculptured piece this snow globe also has a special mechanism that keeps the magic of the black glitter and the bats in an awesome motion nightmare before christmas close up snow globe throughout Jack and Sally’s romantic journey while the music plays “This Is Halloween,” in the background. This picture also to my right shows this piece of artwork in a close up view and has an lovely wood-tone base with a metal nameplate completes this beautiful musical snow globe.

This snow globe measures 7.75 inches wide by 7.25 high and will look absolutely stunning in any home. This globe is also available in 4 easy installments as well if that makes it hassle free for you, it is absolutely your preference! So if you are ready to bring eerie delight to your home you should check this Nightmare Before Christmas musical and illuminated snow globe out today! Just click on the links or pictures to order yours now!

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Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Musical Snow Globe

nightmare before Christmas sally musical snow globe

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If you love the character’s from Nightmare Before Christmas and absolutely adore Sally herself then this might be more interesting for you! This amazing snow globe is hand painted and well put together to perfection from Disney on Amazon and is absolutely astonishing. There isn’t anything like getting a piece of artwork like this straight from Disney itself. This particular globe is made of metals, glass and full of liquid with orange and black snow as the tune “Funeral march of a marionette” plays.

This type of snow globe would make an excellent gift for someone who is looking for something on the simpler side, maybe even for this Halloween season coming up! Sally stands about 6 inches tall in the middle of all this colorful confetti-like snow. Again, feel the eerie spirit surround Sally as she sits here by herself and has thoughts of her love interest Jack, as the music plays from the famous soundtrack. The  globe is definitely quite the mystery as Sally sits alone with Zero and Jack displayed on the base down below her. The base of the globe also has a couple pumpkins and a tomb saying RIP to add to the spooky details giving you a creepy feel. So if you like this frightful snow globe go and check it out!

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Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas Figure

jack and sally figurine

Check out this new Nightmare Before Christmas illuminated musical figurine! 

If you really like the snow globes idea but want to add a little variety to your selection, you can also add a little extra to your Halloween spirit with these awesome figurines I found! I personally picked out the coolest and most popular ones I thought most people would enjoy and if you are that much of a Nightmare Before Christmas fan then you will surely appreciate these.

You can now relive each enchanting moment of this frightful yet interesting romance with the” Nightmare Before Christmas” figurine collection, that is officially licensed from The Bradford Exchange.

jack and sally nightmare before Christmas figurine As these two love birds are standing next to each other on top of the famous Spiral Hill, there is a display of a lot of emotion between them , as Jack and Sally look into each other’s eyes and realize that they are meant to be! To witness the romance between the two of them that has touched many hearts with this particular figurine can be very magical.

This figurine is entirely sculpted and hand-painted and captures all of the romantic excitement of the Nightmare Before Christmas. It is very beautifully showcased and breath taking as this figurine lights up as well to the full effect.

To add to the spooky loving atmosphere, there are hidden lights that make it more realistic to the eye of an eerie glow. You will recognize the famous Zero character and the  pumpkins illuminate as Jack and Sally stand above them. nightmare before Christmas figurine The base of the figurine also includes a tombstone plaque with the inscription, “We’re Simply Meant to Be.”

This figurine measures 3.75 inches wide by 7.25 inches tall and will give you that romantic chill to your home this Halloween season. So if you are interested in this lovely Jack and Sally, Nightmare Before Christmas figurine then go ahead and check it out today!

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Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas Musical Carousel Figurine

nightmare before christmas musical carousel figurine

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Here is another amazing figurine that I found that has a lot going on here in the Nightmare Before Christmas town. This magical carousel is a classic and is from around the year 1993, which had become a popular film that once did bring out the imaginations of millions of people! If you enjoy the classical things in life then this one might be for you!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Carousel, is a first time favorite that is licensed through Disney and is from The Bradford Exchange. This figurine will bring you back to Halloween Town, all you have to do is just turn one key and you have the lights, music and motion for the movie. All of your favorite characters are displayed here in this fun night out including Jack, Sally, Zero, Oogie Boogie, the mayor, Lock ,Shock and Barrel.

nightmare before Christmas figurine This figurine is fully sculpted,  and hand-painted that features over the 20 movie characters and all the fancy glowing lights, while this magical carousel goes around in motion, and plays its music! Definitely is full of life and gives it that frighteningly detail throughout this piece.

In the picture to my left you can admire the graveyard and the carousel canopy, with the giant snake that wraps himself around the entire base, to the dangling skeletons and the witches riding by on their brooms accompanied by the pumpkins and the coffins. Talk about real ghostly feeling around here!

As you can see in this close up picture to my right it displays the striking luminous moon on Spiral Hill with the silhouettes of Jack Skellington and Sally in the front.  nightmare before christmas figurine Disney’s Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas Illuminated figurine measures 12 inches high and has tremendous amounts of uncanny details. This particular figurine is high quality and will last you many years of Halloween joy to come!

So again to give your home that mysterious feel this figurine will give you all these special effects with all the lights throughout the sculpture that includes the seven pumpkins as it plays the well know melody “Overture” playing in the background.

So if you enjoyed these amazing figures and also my snow globes, please get yours while you can. Also, don’t forget that most of these items are limited edition and can be available in 4 easy installments!

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